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Yellow VS White Shea Butter (2021)- Get Final Opinion By Experts

First of all, we must know what shea butter is then you can easily understand the main difference between yellow vs white shea butter. Shea butter is a pure organic nutrient derived from the nuts of the shea tree. It is enriched with vitamins and proteins. Shea butter is mainly used in cosmetics specifically for skincare products because of its healthy content.

Types of Shea Butter

Shea butter does not have a lot of variants because it is a pure organic product directly produced from shea nuts. It has two general types and that is because of its refining. When refined, it is divided into two types and that is yellow and white shea butter.

What’s the difference between yellow and white shea butter?

People are confused about what to buy and what to use. They look for yellow shea butter and then think either to use it or white shea butter for better results. Definitely, every one of us is very conscious about our skin. Let’s solve this problem. Understanding yellow vs white shea butter is like understanding refined and unrefined shea butter.

Yellow Shea Butter 

Yellow shea butter is the purest form of shea butter as it is not well refined and has a lot of nutrients. As it is in its purest form, it may sometimes have an odor in it. Along with all other positive impacts and excess of ingredients and nutrients, it may also have some impurities in it. Its yellow color is because of its natural and original behavior.

Use of Yellow Shea Butter in Beauty Products

Yellow shea butter is used on a very large scale in beauty products. It is 100% natural in its form and the basic purpose of yellow shea butter is its moisturizers. Pure African Yellow shea butter is used in beauty products as face cleansers and body moisturizers. Let’s have a look at the products using yellow shea butter.

Okay Yellow Smooth

It is a well-known brand in skin care products and has hundreds of successful products in the market. Okay launched its Yellow Smooth pure African Shea Butter that is used as a daily moisturizer for the face and body.

Hair textures and Skin types

Yellow shea butter is an organic product and is suitable for all types of skins. It is not beneficial for oily skins but also provides benefits to the hair as well. It helps in reducing hair fall and gives your hair all vital nutrients. This yellow shea is butter is not a skin-specific product. It can be used by all skin types. People with any skin type can use it and have glowing and moisturized skin.

Emollient-rich Beauty Product

Okay’s yellow shea butter enriched product has enhanced formula to soothe the skin and provide a fresh look. It has the capability of removing dust and pollutants from the deep roots of the skin and make it clear and fresh. It heals both the hair and skin.

Protection From Harmful Ultraviolet Rays

Vitamin A & E is present in good amounts in Yellow Shea Butter. It helps to block harmful ultraviolet rays emerging from the sun that damages the skin. These vitamins are essential to give your skin enough strength to fight against these rays and grow healthier. It provides all healthy nutrients and moisturizers to make your skin glow even in the worst conditions.

Public Review

On the world’s most competitive market, this product has more than ten thousand 5 star ratings and millions of positive reviews. It is recommended by every of it user and has an amazingly good response and good reputation among its customers. This product is hot selling on Amazon and is loved by users.

White Shea Butter

White Shea Butter is the most refined form of shea butter. Yellow vs white shea butter just have few characteristics different from each other and that is because of their existence. Unlike yellow shea butter, white shea butter is well refined which means it does not have any impurities in it. But on the other hand, because of its refining process, it may have lost some of the important nutrients as well. In fact, it is still highly enriched with moisture and nutrients because of which it is used on a very big scale.

Famous Beauty Products with White Shea Butter

White Shea Butter is also used in a lot of beauty products. Some big brands use and nominate white shea butter as an essential ingredient of their beauty products. Even some brands are selling pure forms of white shea butter as their well-rated product.

OKAY African Shea Butter

OKAY is a big name in selling hundreds of beauty products over years. Realizing the importance of White Shea Butter, OKAY launched it separately and people gain the best results out of it. In no time, it became their best-selling product and achieved a high velocity of sales and trusted users. With almost ten thousand five-star ratings and reviews, it is dominating Amazon as well. Have a look at it.

White Smooth Refined | All Natural

White Shea Butter is a well-refined natural treatment for soothing skin. It does not leave skin irritating or neither it causes any side effect. All-natural African Shea Butter is used as a healthy product for facial cleansing but also for the health of hairs. Those who used white shea butter for the growth of their hairs officially mentioned that they feel their hair better than before. It stops hair loss and gives your skin all essential nutrients to fight against dust and germs.

White Ivory | Healing Sunburn

This white shea butter proves to be very useful in certain other skin care-related tasks as well. While it provides skin a glowing look through its moisturizers, it also helps in reducing wrinkle spots from the skin. On the other hand, it proved to be very useful in protecting skin from ultraviolet rays of the sun and if the skin is damaged because of the sunburn, it is very helpful in healing the skin rapidly.

Butyrospermum Parkii

OKAY White Shea Butter is also known as Butyrospermum Parkii because of its purity. It is enriched with all 100% natural ingredients. There is no artificial vitamin or nutrient in it. It is formulated at the best levels of purity with all-natural vitamins like Butyrospermum Parkii.

Final Verdict on Yellow vs White Shea Butter

This review on yellow vs white shea butter comes to an end concluding that only a person who is highly possessive about his/her skin will use this product. Those who use Yellow Shea butter say it is best but it has a little rough materialistic nature because it is not highly refined. While White Shea Butter doesn’t possess such comments but it also misses some nutrients because of its strong refinement. No one wants to take risks and you’ll be glad to know that both these products don’t have any side effects as they are made for all types of skin kinds.

Use without hesitation and enjoy your day with extra confidence on your face.


Is yellow shea butter better than white?

No, yellow shea butter is not better than white because it is heavily refined and contains impurities. It does not pass the filtration process and has a strong odor.

Which color shea butter is better?

You have to choose the shea butter that is unrefined because it is free of impurities. White-colored shea butter is better than yellow, it will provide maximum benefits to you.

What is the true color of shea butter?

In simple words, you have to identify the shea butter that it is refined or not. You can easily recognize the color of butter if it is white and unrefined then you have got the true color.

What is White shea butter good for?

White shea butter helps to provide multiple benefits to your skin. It works as the best moisturizer and removes the dryness of the skin. People who are facing issues like eczema, wounds, psoriasis, stretch marks, aging signs, skin inflammation, acne, and pimples can easily get rid of these problems permanently.

What is yellow shea butter good for?

Yellow shea butter contains antioxidants and vitamins that work against dehydration and make your skin more moisturized. It helps to restore elasticity and remove cracks in your skin.

Real Buyers Real Reviews

I am much happy to buy this wonderful shea butter and thankful to my friend Christina who tells me about it. It helps to clean all the stretches on my skin and enhances the beauty. I fall in love with this butter and its smell is so good. You should also try it once, believe me, it will never upset you.

by Maria Steve

My skin was facing dryness issues for some months and it became more disturbing for me day by day. I have heard about shea butter from my office colleague and decided to purchase it. I visited the Amazon website and ordered a container just as a trial. This shea butter is really loveable, it helps to moisturize and heal my skin. Thanks to its makers!

by Melisa

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